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Sprint Retrospective - June


Last month of the half!


  • Sleep Score - 78 -> 76 :(

  • Activity Score - 85 -> 90 :)

  • Readiness Score - 76 -> 75

  • Meditation Sessions - 3?

  • Books read this month - 0 :(

  • Deep work blocks - a few :P


Another month of just going with the flow. Started back some coaching (aka therapy). Need to focus on the values and the why! Also started physical therapy (my knee has been a tad painful :P). As you can see from the activity score may have taken tennis too intensely.

[P0] KR: Mindless is used to reflect on OKRs and Sprints

I used it for a week, but the lack of being able to edit / modify the slices is a huge hindrance. Sounds like a feature to implement.

[P0] KR: Have a daily deep work block

Still quite tricky especially during planning time at work. Need to be better at this.

[P1] KR: Compete in a tennis tournament

Check! Singles record 0-1, Doubles record 1-1. Starting coaching next week too :D

[P1] KR: Sleep score >80 and Readiness Score >80.

  • Almost :(. Didn't really emphasise this. Drank waaaay too much caffeine.

[P1] KR: 90 sessions of meditation.

  • 3 sessions? I'm getting worse and worse at this.

[P1] KR: Write a post every two weeks.

  • This has been good! I've been writing a post (either internal or external) ~once a week. More writing!