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Sprint Planning - June



  • The last month of planning! Let's set some attainable goals :P
  • Tennis league this month!
  • Still pending trip to Australia - flight are expensive and I'll still have to quarantine :(. TBD.
  • Let's end the half with some wins!

[P0] KR: Mindless is used to reflect on OKRs and Sprints

  • Keep using Mindless :P

[P0] KR: Have a daily deep work block

  • Focus! Take this time seriously. Do not talk to anyone during this time.

[P1] KR: Compete in a tennis tournament

  • Let's do it! Even if we lose every match :P

[P1] KR: Sleep score >80 and Readiness Score >80.

  • We're so close! Let's focus on sleeping on time and not staying up late.

[P1] KR: 90 sessions of meditation.

  • We won't hit 90 but I'll take another 30 :)

[P1] KR: Write a post every two weeks.

  • Keep writing!

Surprisingly, if we hit the above KRs we will have hit a majority of our goals!