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Justin Phu

Building things that are hopefully useful.

Last updated 2022-06-18.

Location: Canggu, Bali

Enjoying the sunshine and delicious food in Bali! Hunkering down here for the next two months and building.


Jumped into the deep end and decided to start my own company! Do I know what I'm doing? Absolutely not. Will I figure it out? Definitely! We're called Refract and have been exploring the web3 space.

I finally shipped a product into the real world which makes me happy. was a small project we did.

Exploring web3 to find a meatier problem.


Back to learning and doing the Macro engineering fellowship. Getting deep into the weeds of Ethereum.


Working on a Rust EVM implementation. Open source soon... It's super neat that there are heaps of test cases to run it through.

Smart Contract Wallets

A recent interest has been in creating better ways to do transactions. Examples include:

  • 2fa approval of transactions
  • creating a pay me link so you don't typo addresses
  • withdrawal limits etc

All of these seems like what we'd want to have in the future!


I have not played for the last 6 months but looking to get back into it here in Bali. Hopefully I can get some coaching and play in some tournaments.