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Justin Phu

Building things that are hopefully useful.

Last updated 2022-01-06.

Location: Sydney? Bay Area? Unknown?

Currently back at home in Sydney, Australia for the next month or so. Enjoying my time with my family and friends. Don't quite know where I'm going to live in the next few years. Maybe back to the bay, maybe in Sydney, maybe somewhere I don't even know yet! Let's find out.


Making the world a better place at Facebook, I mean, Meta.

On a serious note, I'm at the first intersection in my career. Pivoting to something... I'm just not exactly sure what yet. Everything is up in the air from domain to company. Web3? AR? Meta? Google? It is both exciting and incredibly terrifying.

All I know now is it's time to find the next hill to climb.



A huge gigantic fad or the next generation of compute. I have no idea but I'm particularly interested in participating and finding out. Fascinated by the concept of a decentralized and open state machine. Ethereum and Solana have my interest. I am explicitly not interested in the finance side. I think it's fascinating but not what I want to build for. Protocols facilitating increase composability I can get around.


Learning more and more Rust! I need a meatier project to write some more code. Starting on Crafting Interpreters in Rust here.


Officially rated as a 3.5 tennis player. 4.0 is around the corner. Trying to play tennis 3x a week but currently on holiday 💤. Hoping to attend Australian Open 2022 and see Nadal. Looking to enter some tournaments!


Lastly, but definitely not least I'm refocusing from learning to building. I've done a ton of learning, reading and talking but not enough building. It's time to get my hands dirtier and do something! Looking into the world of web3 right now!