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OKR Reflection - 2020H2


A quick post to reflect on how 2020H2!

Objective 1: Personal Improvement

[P0] Key Result 1: Mindless Project Development

  • We made some basic proof of concepts, used it for a few days, did a rework. Didn't get to a place where I could use it properly but we did learn a bunch of things!

[P0] Key Result 2: Mindless Project Consistency

  • The consistency aspect of it was quite difficult. When there's a lack of external requirements I relied a lot more on impulse and motivation.

[P1] Key Result 3: Reading

  • Read a few books:

    • Ben Horowitz - The hard thing about hard things
    • Derek Silvers - Anything you want
    • Greg Mckeown - Essentialism
    • Richard Feynam - Six Easy Pieces
  • Although, this is nothing amazing I am happy with the progress. I was never one to enjoy reading until a year or two ago.

  • One small improvement here is to write about the books I've read. This will allow me to extract more useful information from them!

[P2] Key Result 4: Writing

  • Writing has brought so much more clarity into what's going on in my mind. Whether it be my journal, a blog or a quick sticky note - it helps me organize my thoughts.

  • One thing to improve here is to write more polished long form posts. Most of my public writing has just been focused on getting something out there and more focused internally on myself than to benefit others.

[P2] Key Result 5: Learn something new

  • I've been learning a ton just day-to-day but I haven't committed to learning deeply into new topics outside of work. I've started random courses and projects (Computer architecture, game theory, NES emulator, etc) but haven't really gone deep.

Overall, have made some decent progress to my personal development goals but I think there's much more that can be improved on here!

Objective 2: Health

[P0] Key Result 1: Exercise

  • Exercise has gone surprisingly well! Playing tennis, biking, some weight training etc. Although, it is slightly less than what I actually planned - given the dynamic circumstances (gym closing etc) I'm happy with my results here!

[P1] Key Result 2: Food

  • Food has been my crutch when stress/anxiety comes into play. The world has been pretty wild over the past 6 months and as a result my habits around food have not been ideal. However, I'm sticking to intermittent fasting and I think that has prevented me from putting on a significant amount of weight.

[P1] Key Result 3: Reflecting (Mental Health)

  • I'm happy I have been somewhat continuing this sprint planning and retrospective. Despite not hitting all the goals and taking it super seriously just getting into the habit of being mindful of what I'm doing month-to-month has been great.

[P1] Key Result 4: Relationships

  • I'm quite happy with this area given the circumstances. I've been focusing to reach out to friends/family to ensure I don't get isolated here with COVID. Additionally, trying to meet more people. I expect lots more work on this area in 2021.

[P2] Key Result 5: Stretch

  • Yes... and no... :P. I have been doing more core work after my gym workouts and some more frequent yoga. Still a long way to go here!

Objective 3: Habits

[P0] Key Result 1: Develop a consistent sleeping pattern

  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. A continued struggle to get right. Whether it be 12 hours or 4 hours I flipflop between my sleep habits week to week. Some weeks will be great, and others will be terrible.

[P1] Key Result 2: Morning and Night Routines

  • Same with sleep, routines vary a lot week to week. One week I'll be strict, meditate, journal, etc and the next I'll do nothing.

[P2] Key Result 3: Accurate Measurements

  • I've been experimenting with various things to make me more aware of where I'm spending my time. Daily at work I'll write down what I'm focusing on for the day to see if I'm getting distracted. This has been pretty helpful and allows me to reflect at the end of the day if I'm working on the most important things.

  • Habits have been tracked some-what on my phone but really the measurements are naut if I'm not actually doing my habits.

Objective 4: Work

[P0] Key Result 1: Execute on Critical Features

  • Probably the KR that I've made the most progress in for better or for worse. I'm still really enjoying the work I'm doing and grateful everyday I get to wake-up and be excited about what to work on. Also grateful to have such great colleagues/team members. I'm happy with the amount I was able to contribute to the mission last half. However, I still think I can be more efficient (see next dot point).

[P1] Key Result 2: Ruthlessly Prioritize

  • I was not very good at prioritizing last half. I would work whenever I see fit due to the no disconnection between home and work. This usually led to lengthy working hours. All of this was due to my own desire but I think it's important to focus these working hours to be more efficient.

[P2] Key Result 3: Learn Technologies Outside Your Area Of Expertise

  • N/A - Except I guess Mindless I learnt some flutter/dart & Rust :P.

Objective 5: MISC

[P1] Key Result 1: Get Money In Order

  • N/A :(

[P2] Key Result 1: Cook

  • N/A :(


Last half was the first time doing this "properly" where I would actually plan what I wanted to do each month. However, one thing I learnt was I would plan it for the month and never look at it again. I didn't take it as serious as I would like.

Some things to take into next half is reduce the number of goals. Allow room for flexibility whilst keeping them measurable. Furthermore, I think I need to reflect a little more frequently. Just glancing at my goals once a week and plan my week around them.

It has been a fun half, onwards to 2021!