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Sprint Retrospective - March



  • Sleep Score - 78

  • Activity Score - 79

  • Readiness Score - 77

  • Meditation Sessions - ~10 (ish? We're on session 24 but have been doing it in April)

  • Books read this month - 0

  • Deep work blocks - ???

What Went Well

  • Sleep score and readiness score are improving!
  • Tennis is continuing and I am improving :)
  • Meditation felt like it was being focused (but I guess I only did 10 sessions).
  • Finally got Mindless APP to a state that it works and stores state in a persistent way. Though, have yet to use it consistently.
  • Did the MSF course so I can get my motorcycle license :D

What Could Be Improved

  • One word - GME.
    • This world of stocks, squeezes and options consumed a lot of my time. I sure learnt a lot and also lost a lot of money :).
  • Exercise other than tennis (gym, cardio, anything).

Action items

Not sure :o. Need to stop watching the GME ticker and focusing on deep work blocks.

  • I am going to try find an accountability partner to help push through this month.


[P0] KR: Have a daily deep work block

  • I definitely have deep work blocks blocked out on my calendar. Still hard to tell how often I'm doing it :(. Really need to take this super seriously!

[P0] KR: Mindless is used to reflect on OKRs and Sprints

  • Eh, had a few lazy weekends. Did spend one weekend on it getting it running though!

[P1] KR: Read a book a month.

  • ??? the only thing I have been reading is GME

[P1] KR: 90 sessions of meditation.

  • Did a little better but still not very consistent. I'll go on a streak then forget about it.