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Sprint Retrospective - January



  • Sleep Score - 74

  • Activity Score - 78

  • Readiness Score - 67

  • Meditation Sessions - 2

  • Books read this month - 0

  • Deep work blocks - 80% of work days (didn't keep track :()?

What Went Well

  • Meeting people - good for balance and always interesting to hear different perspectives.
  • Looked into free therapy sessions provided by FB. It is good to de-stigmatize therapy. It was neat that it was very action based, albeit a lot of the sessions focused on reflecting and awareness which is something I'm trying to improve.
  • Started looking for tennis coaches and signed up for USTA flex tennis league. Tennis has been slowly improving and I'm glad I'm still trying.

What Could Be Improved

  • Need to get more focused with work. Relying a little on working off hours resulting in me being lazy at work.
  • My life has not been based on my sprint plan. Kind of ad-hoc which is reflective on what I got done this sprint. However, my tech lead always said the sprint plan is just for us, if there's something more impactful to work on then jump on that. These last two weekends I was focused on meeting people which I think is more important :)
  • All metrics are down :(

Action items

  • Plan the week based on sprint goals.


[P0] KR: Mindless is used to reflect on OKRs and Sprints

  • N/A

[P1] KR: Read a book a month.

  • I started reading Exhalation? Let's finish how to take smart notes this coming week!

[P1] KR: Write a post every two weeks.

  • N/A need to finish book

[P1] KR: Compete in a tennis tournament

  • Not many tournaments at the moment but signed up for flex league whenever it starts. Continuing to look for coaches. Slow and steady improvements.

[P1] KR: Work less than 50 hours a week.

  • I shall start this month by writing start work time and end work time - will fit into my routine.