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Sprint Planning - November


November is here! This year has flow by!


  • A full week of leave for thanksgiving week! That is an insane amount of leave! Not even sure what I can do with all that time :P
  • Gyms are open again since San Mateo moved to moderate for COVID!


  • No changes in ability to work from Australia so guess I'm hanging out here for the near future!

H2 Schedule Overall

The biggest risk for H2-2020 is [P0] Mindless Project. Of course, the other KRs must still be on track (e.g. I can't throw off my sleeping patterns).

Sprint KRs

The theme for this sprint will be efficiency.

Focus on minimizing scope of certain features and focus on spend time efficiently.

Here are the ordered KRs based on relative importance.

[P0] Key Result 1: Mindless Project Development

We need to start investing significant time back into this project. MVP needs to be done by EOY. This aligns fairly well with the whole week off we get for thanksgiving.

Success Criteria: Feature Parity with un-commited code.

At the end of this sprint we should have feature parity. Hopefully, we actually have a little more than this (e.g. NFC chip integration, better visualization etc) but this is the bare minimum.

Scheduled tentatively on weekends and the one week thanksgiving break.

[P0] Key Result 2: Mindless Project Consistency

The description of this KR should change slightly. The consistency has probably been thrown out the window but still blogging / writing about the project is a good goal.

Success Criteria: A blog post about Mindless

[P1] Key Result 2: Ruthlessly Prioritize

I'm going to start being a bit more rigorous with the time I'm spending working. Furthermore, at work I think I'm going to block out focus blocks to ensure I get effective work done.

Success Criteria: A deep work block everyday in the morning.

[P0] Key Result 1: Develop a consistent sleeping pattern

We hit some-what consistency last sprint but still had some outliers. We need to pick a concrete routine (especially now day-light savings is over) and stick to it.

Success Criteria: The 5th percentile and 95% percentile for sleep time are within 1 hour of each other.

[P1] Key Result 2: Food

Noticed last sprint my diet was less than ideal. Let's pick this KR!

Success Criteria: Do not break intermittent fast. Less than 5 unhealthy meals a week.

You're probably saying "Less than 5 unhealthy meals? That's not a very hard goal!". You'd usually be right but you should see my eating habits last month ;). Feeling like Warren Buffet with the amount of burgers I'm eating.


Again, these are simply focus areas. This doesn't mean we can disregard other KRs like "Exercise" or "Execute on Critical Features". They just help us simplify what we need to be more aware of. With things like exercise we don't need to spend mental energy on it since we've set up the routine to drive it.

This sprint is going to be fun! Let's see how well I can context switch.