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Sprint Planning - September




  • Long weekend! I'll be taking the Friday off too so we have a 4 day weekend from 09/04 - 09/07.
    • Really looking forward to this :)
  • Doing a Digital Detox by cutting out almost everything this month. Will but attempting to temporarily cut out Youtube, Hackernews, Reddit, Instagram. Will keep twitter (for blog posting) and messenger.

Specific Goals

Specific goals will likely take most of my mental energy. We need to be aware of these and focus the sprint on these goals. The downtime in our calendar should focus primarily on these goals.

[P0] Key Result 1: Mindless Development ( Long Weekend 1, Weekend 2, Weekend 3 )

  • Finish NFC iteration - Long Weekend
  • Clean up clean up and commit after the NFC iteration.
    • We've been working on a rough PoC for the past few weeks; we need to get it back into a maintainable state.

[P0] Key Result 2: Mindless Consistency ( Weekend 2/3 )

  • After NFC iteration and using it for a week write a post on how it worked!

[P0] Key Result 1: Execute on Critical Features ( Workdays )

  • Focus on the initial release.
    • This month of work I expect to be fairly busy. Let's take this into account by explicitly calling it out in our plan.

Continuing targets

Continuing targets are also important but should be facilitated almost automatically due to our routine. However, by calling them out explicitly we will not fall into the trap of just not doing them.

[P0] Key Result 1: Exercise ( Weekly )

  • Maintain 3 times a week tennis

[P1] Key Result 3: Reading ( Daily )

  • Read for 200 minutes a week
    • Measure this using the Mindless App.

[P1] Key Result 2: Food ( Daily )

  • Do not order delivery this week.
    • Going out to order food is okay.

[P1] Key Result 4: Relationships ( Weekends )

  • Weekly VC with friends/family

One-off goals

These are things we need to schedule but don't really need to think much about. They need to be done at a specific time.

[P1] Key Result 3: Reflecting (Mental Health) ( Weekend 4 )

  • Reflect on goals monthly

[P2] Key Result 4: Writing ( Weekend 4 )

  • Write about Essentialism at the end of the month.

[P0] Key Result 1: Exercise ( Weekend 4 )

  • After wildfires are gone and the weather clears up - go on a hike.

Omitted Goals

I am going to diverge from typical sprint planning and explicitly call out things we do not want to focus on this month. This will help provide clarity and focus.

  • [P0] Key Result 1: Develop a consistent sleeping pattern
  • [P1] Key Result 2: Ruthlessly Prioritize
  • [P1] Key Result 2: Morning and Night Routines

We intentionally remove these three KRs. Although, they are incredibly important (one is a P0) the focus needs to be on the app development and executing on critical features at work. We still keep exercise and food as habits we want to maintain so our health does not get completely neglected :P. Sleep will be a big focus in October.

Note this does not mean I should sleep at 2am but rather we will not target waking up within 1 hour 6/7 days a week. Try to sleep on time but don't waste bandwidth thinking about it.


At the end of this sprint we should have a more-or-less usable mindless APP! We should be improving with our reading and eating habits. Work should be going well and on track with our goals.