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OKR Planning - 2021H2


It's that time of the year again! 1.5 month late, oops.

We're going to do something slightly different. We're going to consider simply extending and modifying the goals in 2021H1. I think they were set out well and the goals and north star remains almost identical.

A slight deviation to help us with execution is to focus a little bit more on process outcomes as opposed to concrete goals. This is going to be a tricky balance because I need to focus on seeing something through to the end but I shouldn't stop myself from exploring.

A lot of this will simply be copy and paste plus more simplification :).

Objective 1: Learning

Being able to explain and excite others about various ideas and concepts.

[P0] KR: Spend 6 hours a week on your own learning by the last month.

  • We intentionally keep this open to allow for flexibility. This can range from Mindless, working on my magic mirror, doing courses (Probabilistic Graphical Models), etc.
  • Ideally, this is a habit that's done once a day (1h - 1.5h) and I do hope we spend time on Mindless but let's leave that up to the monthly sprint plannings.

Objective 2: Foundation

Feeling effortless when it comes to habits and health.

[P1] KR: Become a solid 3.5 low 4.0 rated tennis player

  • I am currently low 3.5 based on tennis record. If I play some more tournament's or leagues hopefully I can use tennis record as my measurement. Otherwise, I'll just guess.

[P1] KR: Exercise for at least 15 minutes daily

  • I'm currently playing tennis 3 times a week which is great! However, I want to do some small exercise every single day. Morning walk, yoga, etc.

Objective 3: Work

[P0] KR: Have a daily deep work block

  • Have at least one focus block per day to get the hard things done and develop.